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The Downeast Salmon Federation (Est. 1982) is a locally based conservation organization headquartered in Columbia Falls, Maine. The organization was created by members of local sporting groups, anglers and conservation minded individuals.

Downeast Rivers Land Trust Activities

The Downeast Rivers Land Trust (DRLT), a program of the Downeast Salmon Federation, is committed to ensuring responsible public access and protecting important river, scenic, recreational, and ecological resources in western Washington County.

Hiro Family donates 422 acre parcel on Narraguagus River

DSF receives a generous donation of land including a mile of river frontage on the Narraguagus River. This large and ecologically complex property is important as an undeveloped riparian area that buffers the river and several small cold water tributaries from the potential of harmful impacts from nearby blueberry and cranberry fields.

DRLT working with conservation buyer at the Machias Wigwams

This article originally appeared in the Richmond Virginia Times Dispatch November 16, 2003
His piece of paradise is protected in land trust
Along the upper New England coast, the fail foliage shone with bright orange and yellow leaves on the maple and aspen trees. Our 1987 Mazda with fewer than 50,000 miles on the odometer sped through the morning sunshine that highlighted the rocky northern Maine shore.

Town of Columbia to Preserve River Access, Natural Habitat for the Future

Ten organizations have come together in a unique partnership to protect the beautiful forty-foot cascading falls on the Pleasant River, surrounded by fourteen acres of scenic land, in the town of Columbia. Saco Falls will be protected forever, open to public access and recreation and will include hiking trails, picnic areas and natural habitat in a new town park soon to be deeded to the town of Columbia.

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