Machias River Wigwams Program is Back!!

The Downeast Salmon Federation and the Cobscook Community Learning Center are offering a two week experience for Washington County teens interested in outdoor careers. This co-ed youth crew will live at the Wigwams Rapids on the Machias River and work … Continue reading

  • Maine Fare: June 26th and 27th - Belfast, ME Waterfront. Maine Fare is a unique food festival that brings everyone to the table - farmers, fishermen, foodies, nonprofits, food businesses, and eaters!- to celebrate a vibrant and delicious future for food, farming, and fishing in Maine. General Admission is Free!

    Machias River Wigwams Program: July 10th - 24th - Contact us for more information!

    Open House at EMARC: Thursday, July 16th  5:00pm to 7:00pm(ish) Featuring Music by Nathanael Koenig

  • Atlantic Salmon are iteroparous, which means they can spawn more than once. Some adults will migrate back to the ocean after spawning (these fish are called kelt, or black salmon) to regain their strength and fat stores before returning for a second or even third time to spawn. Fish species that spawn only once and then die are referred to as semelparous.