Conservation Hatcheries

Peter Gray Hatchery

Fall and Spring

The Peter Gray Hatchery is the home of the Peter Gray Parr Project.  The project utilizes a unique 'rewilding' process from famed wildlife biologist Peter Gray. 


Each spring and fall, volunteers are needed at the East Machias hatchery for fin clipping, egg planting, and monitoring.

You can sign up to volunteer and receive complete project information.

Peter Gray Parr Project


Peter Gray, the legendary British fisheries biologist, created one of the most impressive wild Atlantic salmon restoration programs in the 170-year history of Atlantic salmon conservation.


Through his innovative rearing conditions in his unique stream-side hatchery, he was able to strengthen salmon for survival during their epic oceanic journey. Over three decades, Gray’s efforts increased salmon returns on England’s River Tyne from 724 to over 13,000 adults.


Peter Gray personally trained the DSF biologists working on the Peter Gray Parr Project and he was actively involved in the project’s launch in 2012.


You can download updates, white papers and project materials, and read in depth information about the hatchery, processes and protocols.

Pleasant River



The Pleasant River Hatchery is the head office of the Downeast Salmon Federation.  The facility is located on the site of an old hydroelectric dam that was removed as the original DSF river restoration project.


This facility has a small conservation hatchery and raises salmon stock indigenous to this river.  You can learn more by clicking the link below.


Volunteers are need every year to assist with various processes including fish releases. 


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