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Dennys River Sportsman's Club


This 40-acre property is located on the Dennys River in Dennysville, Maine. 

This newly renovated picnic pavilion was originally the historic Dennys River Sportsman's Club, and it is open for picnicking and other day use activities.  The building is available for events with prior arrangement through our office.   The land is open to fishing, hunting, bird watching, walking, etc.  Please pick up litter and keep motorized vehicles on the road.


The Dennys River Sportsman’s Club dates back almost a hundred years to its founding in 1936, when the Dennys River was known as “the outstanding fly-fishing salmon river of the nation” and the Club acquired 750 members from all over the country its first year.  In the 1950’s, club members themselves built the clubhouse and the large stone fireplace was constructed in 1965.

The Club was always concerned with conservation and in 1995 signed a riverfront protection conservation easement with the Quoddy Regional Land Trust.  This Land Trust eventually folded into the Downeast Coastal Conservancy, where the easement remains to this day.  The Club’s by-laws also included a feature that should it become inactive, Executive Committee members would assure that the Club property would “never become independently owned”.  Over the decades, however, salmon run numbers had declined severely and Club membership dwindled along with it.  Left with a choice of turning it over to the State or to another non-profit, the Club selected DSF to become the long-term steward in 2015.  Incidentally, the Dennys River Sportsman’s Club was also one of four sportman’s clubs that helped create DSF!


A new vision was created to rehabilitate, re-develop and re-purpose the club for outdoor gatherings for the community.   In addition to being a recreational space, we also hope to create a quality outdoor classroom educational venue for students of all ages.


When DSF took ownership, the Club building was in disrepair, needing a new roof and base logs.  With limited funding opportunities to restore the original building to its prior condition, the building has been re-roofed with a metal roof, support posts, the disintegrating log walls have been taken down and graffiti was removed from the concrete floor and stone fireplace.

We welcome the public to the DSF Land Trust properties and ask that you review the Hunting & Wildlife Viewing Equipment Policy in advance of your visit. All properties are 'carry-in, carry-out'.  You must have a permit to have a campfire on the properties.
State law requires fire permits for all open fires (including in campsite fire rings). Campfires may be banned during dry periods. Contact the Maine Forest Service for a permit at (207) 827-1800.

From the Downeast Salmon Federation Office at 187 Main St. in Columbia Falls, Maine, head east on Main St, towards US Rte 1.  Proceed on US Rte 1 north for 42 miles, and then turn left onto Hwy 86.  Proceed on Hwy 86 for 0.3 miles and turn left onto Main Street (Dennysville).  Continue on Main Street for 0.8 miles and turn left onto Salmon Club Lane, now marked with a DSF sign at the beginning of the driveway.  Proceed on the driveway 0.25 mile to the Dennys River Sportsman's Club picnic pavilion.

Preserve Details

Type: Short gravel road

Access:  All vehicles

Size:  40 Acres

Access to water:  Yes, Dennys River

Recreation Types:  Walking, swimming, picnicking hunting, fishing, paddling, birding, nature study, wildlife viewing.

Wildlife:  TBD

Map coordinates   44°53'35.12"N  67°13'37.48"W

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