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There is a lot of work involved in restoring and protecting an endangered species, the waters they inhabit, and the land we all love and use. Much of this work is conducted in partnership with state and federal agencies; some as part of the assessment of the Parr Project, some directed towards collecting information on other fish species such as Rainbow Smelt or Alewives.


The Clamshell Project and Egg Planting are examples of field work we are assisting with outside of the Parr Project.  Sign up for our mailing list and you can download information about these activities. 

















You can also go to the Take Action page to see what is happening now.  Depending on the time of year, and individual projects, we use citizen volunteers for:

Citizen science monitoring

Community based watershed stewardship

Rainbow Smelt data collection

River herring monitoring

River acidification reduction project

Salmon egg planting

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