DSF members make our work possible

Looking after more than 4500 acres of land for wildlife, from woods and meadows to lakes, ponds and rivers

Maintaining nature preserves. DSF has more than 34 miles of riparian land abutting rivers, lakes and ponds

Providing wild volunteering opportunities for people of all ages

Standing up for wildlife and campaigning for its protection

Running marine conservation projects to promote healthy seas and marine wildlife




The beautiful pine and spruce forests of Downeast Maine are home to the Spruce Grouse, Black-backed Woodpecker, Gray Jay, Boreal Chickadee, Olive-sided Flycatcher, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, Philadelphia Vireo, and more than a dozen species of warblers.  

Your Birds & Birding membership helps us maintain the forests, rivers, lakes and streams that are their home.

Your membership includes a free Maine birding map and Trail Guide.

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As a Waters & Boating member, you will have the opportunity to become a Virtual Caretaker of one of the rivers, ponds, lakes and streams under conservation by DSF.

You will receive regular reports, photos, videos and updates of the property of your choice.  

You will also receive a custom canoe tour video of your selected water property.  You may also choose to participate in annual cleanups as a DSF volunteer.  As a Waters & Boating member, volunteer cleanup lodging for up to a week will be provided free at one of DSF's camps. A $1000.00 value.

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As well as the iconic Atlantic salmon, Downeast Maine has an abundance of alewife, river herring and shad, smelt, sea run brook trout, tom cod, sea lamprey, and the American eel in its rivers.

DSF is conserving over 34 miles of lakes, rivers, ponds and streams in Downeast Maine where these fish live.

Your Fish Friends membership includes a virtual fishing trip with a licensed Downeast fishing guide.  You can select the fish of your choice, and the waterway for your trip.  A value of $500.00




DSF  offers multiple levels of business memberships.  Each category includes special benefits.

You can see the Business Membership information HERE.  Then don't forget to return for online processing of your membership which is a tax deductible donation.

Of course you can mail a check if that is more convenient for you:

Downeast Salmon Federation

187 Main St.

Columbia Falls ME 04623

Wigwams Trail


As a DSF Trails and Roads member, you'll become involved in the growing story of the more than 4500 acres of conserved land in the DSF Land Trust.

You will have the opportunity to select one of the land preserves, trails, roads or camps to 'adopt'.  You will receive regular updates, photos, videos and reports of your selected property.  You can also volunteer to participate in annual maintenance and cleanups on your property.


Your membership includes a collection of hiking, biking and Maine trail books and pamphlets, a value of $100.00



The Family Membership combines all the best of  the habitat and wildlife memberships, including birding and fishing guides, trails, roads and waterways stewardship.  PLUS a monthly children's book from Downeast Maine, including 'Moose, of Course!', 'Lighthouse Dog to the Rescue' and more.

Your family can also adopt one of the Downeast Salmon Federation's properties as a virtual caretaker.  You will receive regular updates, photos, videos and reports about your chosen property.