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Downeast Salmon Federation

Are you interested in joining DSF  support wild Downeast Maine fisheries?

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organization can get involved with DSF.

Help us bring opportunity for community and

wildlife to prosper in Downeast Maine.

Whether your organization is small, or large, local

or from away, if your vision for Downeast Maine

fishery is in line with DSF's mission we want to 

work with you.

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Groundfish — cod, haddock and flounder — disappeared twenty years ago from eastern Maine’s marine waters, while Atlantic salmon and other freshwater species are in decline in the region’s rivers. Today the coastal economy relies almost entirely on lobster – gone is the diversity of the region’s recreational and commercial fisheries.

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The Downeast Fisheries Partnership is an unprecedented effort to restore one of the world’s great ecosystems by reconnecting the rivers of eastern Maine to its coastal waters.

Building a future for fishing in eastern Maine will require the coordinated and concerted effort of many groups working together.


The organizations below have joined forces with us to create the Downeast Fisheries Partnership, a collaboration to marshal the resources, skills and momentum that are necessary to restore one of the world’s great ecosystems.

Downeast Salmon Federation

Downeast Salmon Federation’s mission is to conserve wild Atlantic salmon, other sea-run fish and their habitats, restore a viable recreational salmon fishery, and protect other important river, scenic, recreational, and ecological resources in eastern Maine.


Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries

MCCF's mission is to secure a sustainable future for fisheries and fishing communities in Eastern Maine and beyond.

MCCS small.png

Maine Farmland Trust

Maine Farmland Trust is a member-powered non-profit that protects farmland, supports farmers, and advances the future of farming. MFT is certified by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission.

Maine Farmland Trust.png

Washington County Council of Governments

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Maine Coast Heritage Trust

Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT) conserves and stewards Maine’s coastal lands and islands for their renowned scenic beauty, ecological value, outdoor recreational opportunities, and contribution to community well-being. MCHT provides statewide conservation leadership through its work with land trusts, coastal communities and other partners.


Downeast Institute

DEI’s mission is to improve the quality of life for the people of downeast and coastal Maine through marine research, marine science education, and innovations in wild and cultured fisheries.

Downeast Institute.png


Applying science and engaging people to sustain our world.


Maine Sea Grant

In partnership with University of Maine Cooperative Extension, members of our Marine Extension Team work on issues of concern to Maine’s coastal communities. 

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College of the Atlantic

College of the Atlantic enriches the liberal arts tradition through a distinctive educational philosophy—human ecology. A human ecological perspective integrates knowledge from all academic disciplines and from personal experience to investigate—and ultimately improve—the relationships between human beings and our social and natural communities.

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