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Popple Hill trail

Popple Hill Preserve

Preserve Details

Type: One-way trail with spur trail and spur loop

Access:  AWD, 4WD, high clearance vehicle

Size:  420 Acres

Access to water:  Yes, Narraguagus river

Recreation Types:  Walking, swimming, fishing, paddling, birding, nature study, wildlife viewing.

Wildlife:  Eastern wood pewee and cuckoo

heard, and other common passerines (perching or song birds).

Map coordinates  44°41'14.95"N 67°57'52.33"W



This property contains over 400 acres of older-growth oak and maple hardwood forest, which is uncommon for this region.

There is also a remnant of an old red pine plantation. The primary woods-road trail is easy and mostly flat.

Just after the start of the trail there is a short spur providing access to the Narraguagus River.

We welcome the public to the DSF Land Trust properties and ask that you review the Hunting & Wildlife Viewing Equipment Policy in advance of your visit. All properties are 'carry-in, carry-out'.  You must have a permit to have a campfire on the properties.


State law requires fire permits for all open fires (including in campsite fire rings). Campfires may be banned during dry periods. Contact the Maine Forest Service for a permit at (207) 827-1800.


From Rte. 1 in Cherryfield, take Rte. 193 north 9.47 miles. Turn left onto blueberry barrens (just before blue field housing on right). Follow the main track of the gravel road. Bear left at first major fork, continue straight through any other forks or bends, keeping to the main track. At about 1.25 miles, enter some woods, then skirt the edge of a pond on the right. Continue around the pond. After the blue pump house, the road climbs back up to the barrens.


Follow the road along a ridgeline looking southwest toward Tunk Mountain in the distance, with wind turbines to the west (on the right). At 2.29 miles from Rte. 193, take the left turn onto a smaller gravel road that drops down abruptly from the barrens towards the woods again. From that turnoff it is 0.13 miles to the parking spot, just past the edgeline for the woods. Pull off to the side--do not block the road. The Popple Hill Preserve woods-road access is just ahead on the right.

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