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DSF 40th Anniversary Photo Competition Winners Announced!

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

The DSF 40th Anniversary Competition received stellar entries from our supporters and community members. It was awesome to see all what DSF supporters capture behind their camera lenses, and it was hard to choose our favorites! But the panel of judges decided, and we announced our 1st place winners at the Blueberry Festival just last weekend.

All 1st place winners got a free two-day stay at one of our updated camps, Lack or Wigwams! These special camps are available to be rented out throughout the year, and if you're interested in staying at one of DSF camps this year (just like our lucky winners!) you can visit to book your stay!

All winners of the competition receive gift certificates to local Machias brewery Bad Little Falls Brewing Co. and a limited edition DSF hat.

Short Video Winner: Robin Hadlock Seeley

1st Place Photos

Action Shot: Jerry Audet

Bass fishing at 2nd Lake Machias in 2020

Instagram: @indeepoutdoors

Wild Fish (or Wild Life): Corrine Claunch

A seagull catching an alewife against the rapids on the Narraguagus in Cherryfield

Downeast Aquascape: Antonio Vinzani

A neat double rainbow over Bad Little Falls in Machias

Instagram: @vandsaz

Overland/Underwater: Justin Towle

A beautiful autumn day looking over the Whalesback River in Aurora

Instagram: @aerial_maine

2nd Place Photos

Action Shot: Katherine Jurdak, Pembroke

Wild Fish (or Wild Life): Katie Kurz, Machias-Seal Island

Downeast Aquascape: Danielle Woerner, Wyman

Overland/Underwater: Sandra, Blackman Stream fish ladder in Bradley

3rd Prize Winning Photos

Action Shot: Eddie Anne Damm, Graham Lake

Wild Fish (or Wild Life): Lindsay Morales

Downeast Aquascape: Krista Chandler, Jonesport

Overland/Underwater: Bob Bechtold, Union River

Honorable Mentions

Jerry Audet

Lindsay Morales

Robin LaRochelle

Bob McCullum

"The Leaper"

Wild Atlantic salmon shot submitted by Joe Robbins,

taken by the late Dr. James Payson on the East Machias River

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