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Buy Wild and Organic

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Wild Sockeye Salmon

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A local family-owned business in Downeast Maine called Mongr is donating 10% of their profits from Alaskan sockeye salmon sales to support our work restoring Atlantic salmon in Maine!

“Our sockeye salmon fillets come from the waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska, where six pristine rivers welcome more than 35 million salmon each year. This resource is carefully managed to maintain the fish runs and the thousands of families like ours that depend on salmon for their livelihood.

We are also committed to restoring the endangered Atlantic salmon here in Maine, our home. So 10% of our profits support the Downeast Salmon Federation. They work tirelessly to protect and restore habitat for the wild salmon that once lived in huge numbers in the region’s rivers.”  Click HERE to buy sockeye salmon via Mongr’s website.

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Maine Organic Blueberries

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The aquifers beneath Maine’s blueberry lands provide clean water for trout, salmon, and other wildlife, as well as clean drinking water for humans.     

The long term persistence and interactions of blueberry chemicals in aquatic ecosystems is poorly understood, and may compromise the water quality of many food chains and future generations. Hexazinone is an herbicide particularly vulnerable to aquatic leaching and has shown up in streams, rivers, and groundwater near blueberry fields.

Downeast Salmon Federation leases organic blueberry land to Blue Barrens Farm. Your support of the farm helps to benefit DSF by supporting organic agricultural practices that make for clean rivers and healthy fish. Leasing the land out to an organic farmer also provides an added source of revenue to support our work of river and fisheries restoration.

You can learn more about this by reading: An Inheritance of Blue: Transitioning to Organic Blueberry Production

Contact Blue Barrens Farm to buy organic Maine blueberries!

Mark Jacoby & Lisa Mushrall


Market Locations: Natural Food Stores (Belfast Coop, among others), On-Farm (varies), Distributors (COMOC), Subscription Sales, Group Deliveries throughout Maine

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