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DSF Camps and Campsites

DSF has several areas for tent camping, as well as 3 rustic and beautiful camps that are available for use by the general public.


As with all of DSF conserved lands, all camps and campsites are “carry in/carry out”. Tent campsites are on a first come/first served basis. Our three camps listed below require a reservation prior to your stay.

State law requires fire permits for all open fires (including in campsite fire rings). Campfires may be banned during dry periods. Contact the Maine Forest Service for a permit at (207) 827-1800.

Check the calendar for availability, then fill out the reservation to get started.  We will email you with confirmation and camp details.  Reservations are from noon to noon - late departures can be requested during the booking process. 

Please allow up to 48 hour for the processing of your camp stay request.
Reservations made for dates within this 48 hour window may not be accommodated.

We request a donation of $75 per night for Wigwams Camp
and $50 per night for Lack Camp bookings prior to your stay.




The Boar’s Nest is our most remote camp, accessible by a 45-minute (gentle) upstream paddle in summer, and is inaccesible in winter. PLEASE NOTE: No Reservations are being taken at this time. This 1930s‑era log cabin with an antique cookstove that looks like it could have come right out of a magazine. The Boar’s Nest sleeps 3.


The Lack Camp is only 5 miles from downtown Machias by car and 4 miles along the multi-­use Downeast Sunrise Trail. Even though it is the most accessible of the three camps, it is quiet and secluded and offers the real camp experience with calm water swimming and lots of blueberries. There are bunks for 4 and a large sleeping loft.


The Machias River Wigwams Camp is located at the renowned Wigwams Rapid on the Machias River. Guests can drive in or paddle up to this circa 1960 camp that sleeps 7. PLEASE NOTE: The road into the camp is NOT suited for camper-type vehicles.  A screened porch, a hand pump for water and a fun rapid to paddle are some of the perks of the Wigwams.

DSF Land Trust
Camp Reservation

Please fill out all information.  This is a two step form.

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Important notice about Firewood


When you bring firewood from 'away', you risk carrying tree killing insects or diseases

  • Don’t bring firewood from home or another forest onto DSF land. Instead, you buy it where you burn it.

  • Make sure your firewood comes from within 50 miles, and ideally within 10 miles, of where you plan to burn it.

  • Leave any remaining firewood on site at the camp. Don’t take it home with you.

Bringing in firewood from outside Maine is functionally illegal.



Tent Campsites

Pleasant River Community Forest, Columbia Falls This campsite is accessible by paddle or hiking. The trail to the campsite is not suitable for vehicle traffic. This campsite offers great access to the Pleasant River for fishing or swimming.

PRCF Trail Map v3.1.png

Rock Dam, Beddington 

Rock Dam is accessible from Route 193 in Beddington and is right along the Narraguagus River. Enjoy a campfire listening to the gentle meandering sounds of the Narraguagus River.

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