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Thank you for your interest in the Peter Gray Parr Project and the Downeast Salmon Federation.  Since 2012 the PGPP has been the most innovative conservation hatchery in North America, delivering remarkable results in rearing salmon parr in an on-river environment.

This method was developed on the river Tyne in the UK, where it contributed to one of the biggest salmon recovery success stories in Europe. Utilizing unfiltered river water from the salmon's natal river, substrate incubators, dark-colored  tanks, natural feed, and water velocity manipulation; DSF’s goal is to produce more naturalized salmon that is consistent with the fitness and size of fish in the wild.


"There are fewer than 100 wild Atlantic salmon left in the United States that were not raised as juveniles in a hatchery. All of these salmon are in the State of Maine. At this point in the recovery curve, wild Atlantic salmon are like the California condor when their numbers hit rock bottom with 27 known individuals. Wild Atlantic salmon need our help. A hatchery is a stop-gap measure until there are enough wild Atlantic salmon to seed the river naturally. The Peter Gray Hatchery on the East Machias River in Maine is an important tool in this recovery. All salmon conservationists look forward to the day when there is no need for a hatchery on any salmon river in Maine. Unfortunately, we are not there yet.” 

—TOPHER BROWNE, Journalist and Author

“It feels good to be contributing to a better world.  Mother nature may provide nourishment to both the body and soul, but she needs a good caretaker. The Downeast Salmon Federation does just that in a precious place. Restoring and maintaining vibrant rivers, streams, and watersheds are vital not just to the health of the communities, but our entire world. In my lifetime, I have seen DSF make great progress in this endeavor. I want to know that its work will continue to result in a better world
for us all to live in. I’m proud to be a member of the Downeast Legacy Society.”

“My mother left a legacy gift to DSF because she lived by principle and taught her children that we should leave things better than we found them. She loved Downeast Maine and wanted to support DSF’s work to bring back the rivers and
fish—it was her way of leaving a beautiful part of the world better than she found it. Our family greatly admires DSF!”

You can read more about our program in the materials available for download.  You can also read the hatchery updates by clicking the button below.


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